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Welcome to The Forge Functional Fitness. We are a completely different approach to fitness incorporating functional workout strategies in both individual and group settings where we prepare our members to “Train for Life.” Our programming is designed around the premise that no specific training style is sufficient. As such, our training will incorporate various forms of HIIT, Circuit, TABATA and strength training to create the best possible you.

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Training for Life

Training for Life means that you have to work on your weaknesses while developing your strengths. At THE FORGE Functional Fitness, we understand that growth and change comes from…

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No Gimmicks, Just Hard Work.

THE FORGE offers the latest and most effective fitness regimens at an affordable price. In addition…

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The Forge Fit Not Your Ordinary Gym

Research tells us that most gym members are not happy with their experience for many reasons. Additionally, most don’t have…

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